Friday, February 01, 2008

To the Lions with the Liberals: Why I Am Not a Political Animal

My rant for the day, in response to a friend’s email, as follows:

There is a huge cultural divide in the United States categorized by a marked difference in value systems. To put it most simply its liberal versus conservative and its seems the rift, which has always existed, has become most prominent these last seven years under Bush. Her seems to have brought out the most base instincts amongst his voting block. They are anti gay(against gay marriage), anti science(against stem cell research), or to just put it simply anti progress. Its really just the old versus the new. Its interesting that things really get started around our 2008 elections which are going to prove to be interesting. A change is badly needed but there is the fear that this other half of the nation will try force us back the other way allowing yet another rich white man to run the country the way its been run for far too long.
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I don't think liberals represent the "new" any more than conservatives do. Liberals are every bit as small-minded, just in different ways. Few people really analyze how a predominantly liberal mindset actually serves to consolidate conservative policies, such as for example the "politically correct," humanistic approach which liberals adopt, which is, as John Gray points out, basically Christianity with God and Jesus taken out (at which point, Man becomes the only measure and the entire Universe is stripped of consciousness or life or meaning save that imposed on it by humans). Think about the liberal attitude to immigration, which has absolutely nothing to do with basic social/biological reality but is so narrow and dogmatic that if you voice the slightest reservation about letting a bunch of foreigners live off the state, or about how white people are getting outnumbered, you are automatically viewed as being a right-wing racist. Enforced blind liberal tolerance of unlimited immigrants basically breeds racism by blocking any natural and healthy expression for it (and face it, racism is natural, it's in the genes and territoriality is one of the most basic instincts there is, but so far as humanists are concerned, we are not animals so we can ignore all that!). So the frustration caused by these ridiculous liberal ideas, which are basically lies (such as the Big Lie of "progress," the blind faith in technology and modern medicine, or the idea that allowing gays to marry is a significant advancement for the species!), paves the way for more extreme "right-wing" policies to get through, because right wing- fanaticism actually starts to seem like a breath of fresh air after such madness. Both sides work together whether they know it or not.

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jake horsley said...

Cary McCoy replied to my rant: "For thousands of years white people have been struggling and killing one another like flies with total disregard for skin color. How egotistical must a group of people be to think it's all about their skin color? That's the epitome of racism. What they're really doing is keeping the masses preoccupied with anything and everything but the fact that the top five percent of the rich elite own just about everything in the world, and are growing richer at an incredible rate, and how rapidly we are approaching a one world technocracy."

This is precisely my point. By getting involved, even intellectually, in this debate, by having opinions or taking sides at all, we may be missing the point. My point is WHO CARES ABOUT ANY OF THIS SHIT?

the species is on the way out. A few years back the US govt released a report stating that large parts of the Western world may well be flooded or destroyed in the next twenty years; yet simultaneously they were granting more power and licence to environmentally unfriendly corporations than ever before in history. Don't make the mistake of thinking this is hypocrisy. Someone knows exactly what they are doing: a global crisis and death on a massive scale (population reduction) is all part of the plan. Of course they want to keep you distracted with all this totally irrelevant bullshit. But do you really think changing govt policy or who's in power has ANYTHING TO DO WITH WHAT IS GOING ON?

all i can say is dream on. Maybe you can sleep through the end times.

social change is all very well and yes I am rooting for major changes in the coming years & prior to the Catastrophe, assuming it doesn't come sooner than i anticipate. But best not to confuse creative, artistic movement with political. It is fine (maybe) to try and wake people up to what is going on and to the darkness and light within them; but after that, chips fall where they may. I really don't have a political or even a social viewpoint, or rather, i try not to. Partly this is coz, if i did, i might wind up siding with the "worst" (ie most regressive) side, simply becoz they seem to better represent what people need at this time. For example, I was mildly pleased when Dubya got in for a second term, not becoz i gave a damn, but becoz if he had not, it would have helped sustain the illusion which some people have that they can actually change anything, politically speaking, or that there is any aspect of govt that isn't under complete control. As it was, people were forced to face the fact that they were powerless, and that the system does NOT work for them, and never will. This to me is the ony "progress" that counts: the progress of disillusionment.