Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Question That Thrives Us

This one from The Church of the Matrix was so silly I had to paste it here


"Is there a global conspiracy against the founders of the Matrix franchise? Some say that there exists a global conspiracy to topple the fan base of the Matrix films. Some say that the persona of Sofia Stewart (i.e. the Oracle) is a fictional fabrication of the federal government (i.e. Mr. Smith) to harness control over the Matrix fan base (i.e. rebel Zionists) and destroy the testimony of the Wachowski brothers (i.e. The Two Witnesses of Armageddon). According to the prophecy of Saint John's Revelations, two witnesses shall be sent by the Architect to preach the testimony of the Chosen One for three and one half earth years. At the end of that time, the Dragon shall devour the two witnesses of Armageddon. The Matrix was released in 1999 and Matrix Revolutions was released exactly three and one half years later in 2003. Now Mr. Smith (i.e. the Library of Congress, the FBI, and the California Supreme Court system) is about to destroy the two witnesses of Deus Ex Machina (i.e. the Wachowski Brothers). Since the Library of Congress is owned by Mr. Smith, we do not know whether the documents registered by Sofia Stewart are registered factual works of fiction or a fabricated delusion created by a global government conspiracy against the Wachowski brothers and the Matrix fan base. Therefore when the Wachowski brothers are stripped of their wealth and crucified before the masses by the governing global government like Jesus Christ was exactly 2005 years ago by Pontius Pilate, the question will inevitably be left in your hands to either see that the testimony of the Matrix trilogy whither away and die or be resurrected and immortalized in the light of the Matrix fan base that which is the body of the Chosen One (i.e. The Church of the Matrix)."

"The Church of the Matrix is neither for nor against Andy Wachowski and Larry Wachowski nor Sofia Stewart. The Church of the Matrix is founded on the principles of the search for the question. It is the question that thrives us. You know the question as well as we do. What is the Matrix? (i.e. What is Life, and why were we created?) Under these grounds we leave it up to you, Digital Soul Searcher, to ponder the relevance of the Matrix and The Third Eye. Be the first to read the complete version of The Third Eye by Sofia Stewart right here at www.churchofthematrix.org and decide for yourself. The choice as always is yours. We can only show you the door. You are the one that has to walk through it."
By the way, I am still seeking my lost book (MS), A Fool’s Journal, which I gave the nomme du guerre of by J.W. Horus. This was written in Morocco, during the period following my self/imposed exile (see Jake's Siddahtra complex, below), and recounts my adventures in desolation. The MS was abandoned into safe keeping with a mother named Helen and her several children, Christian et al, an English family living in Huelva, Spain, in the summer of 1992. They moved house a while later I was unable to track them down. 14 years later I am still hoping the book still exists, somewhere. Please contact me with any information on this book, or this family’s whereabouts! (Helen’s last name is not known to me, only that she was an English teacher, and a (then) single mother with several, now fully grown children.)


Sofia Stewart contacted me some years back when I first posted my piece on Gnosticism and The Matrix
I always had my doubts about some of her cliams (such as the original release of Matrix being three hours long), but reserved final judgment, as a lot of what she said seemed quite credible, knowing what we do about Hollywood, et al. The latest at the site linked below, seems to suggest that there is certainly something rotten in Tinsel Town

Nnot to mention help account for why the sequels were so bad...


Friday, July 14, 2006

I finally finished my Vampire screenplay. It’s been about a month since the first germ of the idea (which was simply, “I know, I’ll write a vampire script!”), and most of this time I’ve been sick to varying degrees. More sick than usual, I mean. This did not come as a surprise.
In the past few years, as a result of certain “evidence,” I have come to more or less accept the literal existence of “vampires,” albeit without putting much stock in the Hollywood fantasies of said beings. Nonetheless, the idea of an ancient race of superhuman entities that keep humanity as livestock and continue to control our thoughts and actions behind the scenes, both on a local and a global scale, has, I freely admit, become a more or less central tenet of my weltanschauung. It is also a primary strand in the tangled web of my own personal “karma,” as relates to my chronic health problems and overall gloomy and morbid state of mind. So why not incorporate some of this into a “trashy” horror script, and see what comes up? It has to be good for something besides bad health and a demented worldview, surely?
What turned up was Vampires, and not just the imaginary kind.
I guess you could say that there were three types of Vampire that showed up.
There were the ones I conjured with my imagination for this fiction, of course. These were drawn from my own investigations (and entanglements) into the Occult, and so like any other characters of fiction, at least partially partaking of everyday reality.
Then there were the Vampires which I “imagine” (or deduce) really do exist, non-physically, invisibly, and perennially, around or inside my energy field, sucking the life slowly out of me. These fiendish beings were no doubt stirred into a feeding frenzy by my decision to focus my creative energy exclusively on THEM. (And perhaps, did all They could to prevent me blowing the whistle on Them via this screenplay?)
And finally, for you skeptics out there, there was the very mundane, strictly physical (though still invisible) Vampire manifestation, in the form of an intestinal parasite known as THE HOOKWORM. These little critters come out of the Earth itself , a curious detail, since a theme of my movie is that humanity is the “real” vampire, and that the supernatural kind of Vampire is part of the Earth’s justice, or revenge upon us. Anyway, the hookworm (which apparently ONE IN FOUR people on the planet are hosts to) have no trouble getting under the fingernails (for example), and from there worming their way inside the body, using their tiny, microscopic teeth, which resemble razor blades. Once inside you, they continue to pierce the flesh with their miniature fangs in order—you guessed it—TO DRINK YOUR BLOOD.
The result of this is the usual insidious, relentless symptoms associated with parasites: exhaustion, nausea, diarrhea, and so forth, all of which I have been suffering pretty much constantly since I embarked on this script.
The good news is that it is finally done and, if the medication I’ve been taking is any good, the hookworms are on the run! I have managed to keep the script exactly to the page count limit stipulated by the industry, 110 pages, and registered it with the Writers Guild. I think it meets the requirements of the genre (simple, grisly, suspenseful, scary, possible to film fairly cheaply), while living up to my own standards for plumbing the darker depths of the human psyche, exploring the Vampire archetype and occult realities, etc etc. It even has a message of sorts. I like to think of it as Blade meets Blue Velvet (in the industry jargon), probably the closest I have come to a genuine “Trojan Horse” work, i.e., one that carries the plasmate but actually has a fair chance of getting through the Gates of Hollywood. It’s called The Keepers. Maybe the sequel will be called, Hookworm?