Tuesday, December 09, 2008

If anyone is still visiting this blog, apologies for going AWOL, it's a long story and i won't bore you with it. Bottom line is my blogging activities have been suspended due mostly to real-world demands taking over. However, there are a couple of things to mention. I completed a film this year, called Being the One: Document of a Delusion about my daze as "the One" back in 2002/3, before, during, and after writing Matrix Warrior. The film was submitted to Sundance and Slamdance as a full, 99 min feature, but since then I have edited it down to 44 minutes. Both festivals have recently rejected the movie, but it is in the process of being included at IMDB.com (International Movie Database) as a legitimate movie, so that's something I guess.

Actually, I was in two minds about submitting this pseudo-documentary about the time when I pretended to believe that I was the one in order to make a movie and get to believe that i was only pretending to be the One (??)... so it was with relief more than disappointment that I received the rejection.

As any followers of my writings know, the Matrix sequels shattered whatever true illusions I had, and the movie is a document of the time before the bubble burst and the penny dropped (if everyone is the One, no one is the One). I don't know if Being the One will be viewable online anytime soon, much less find a distributor, but I thought I'd let y'all know - that is if there's anyone out there listening still.

The other news is that I am publishing a new book next year, my "long-awaited" (ho ho) follow-up to Blood Poets, which I actually wrote back in 2000 but which has taken this long to find a publisher (McFarlane Press). It was orginally called Schizo Cinema: The Occult Text in American Movies, then became The Secret Life of Movies, and now looks to be something like Schizophrenic & Shamanic Journeys in American Cinema. More about that later, but it should be coming out around Autumn of 2009, so watch this space for updates.

Finally, a pleasant little development which is the ostensible inspiration for my re-emergence here: today I was contacted by researching material for her own blog, Musing in Obama's America (see here), and happened upon some political blog in which, apparently, I was quoted by someone (on Phil K. Dick). This led to her finding out about The Blood Poets and inviting me to write at her blog, specifically about that work, which she thinks may be relevant to her own analyses of current US culture & politics.

That's all. If anyone's out there, let me know.


SM Kovalinsky said...

I am here, and I am sending you an invite right now. My honor. SMK

John said...

Hello Jason/Jake, as I'm re-reading 'Matrix Warrior', I'd be interested in seeing the film you mention to have a look at what was happening to you during the authorship process. Keep us posted as to public availability, would you? Good luck with the next book.

SM Kovalinsky said...

JAKE: You might try submitting your film to the Provincetown film festival; I had encouraged Martin to do such and can send you the info. You are on the right track in all ways, and obscurity is not a just fate for you.

Pablo Robledo said...

here hermano!!!