Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I was hoping to start up some occult text work on Chris' story here, provide some pointers on the archetypal narrative at play here; unfortunately life on the road (and another secret life) isn't giving me a moment to breathe. Meanwhile, here's an impromptu podcast for you all, part of a chat Chris and I had last night, about Brothers and stuff.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jason,

How many secrets can one man keep? Is the pull of a Guru that strong for an intelligent, articulate man such as your self? What is it that he will bring to you that you have not already discovered?

Not criticizing, just curious. The pull of a guru can be very strong. For some reason I fight this urge tooth and nail.

Jason Horsley said...

what secrets? Guru where??

No irony meant here, my questions are sincere... pls respond!

Anonymous said...

Just curious about the other secret life you mention in the post. Not that it's any of business! John de Ruiter, he interests me, and scares me at the same time. Not sure why, I took you as the anti-guru type. I took from the podcast you were going to see him. Just curious and interested.

Anonymous said...

Obviously I came across as a dick. I enjoy what you're doing immensely.

Was curious about your take on gurus more than anything. I'm feeling the need for a teacher, yet terrified of being one of a group of followers. So many roads to choose where does one begin?

Jason said...

oops, sorry, dreamed, you didn't come across as a dick, i just didn't have much by way of response and then I let it slide

have you been to the forum? there's a thread on JDR there:


I fight the guru pull also tooth and nail; JDR licked me good.