Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some thoughts on Lion Attacks, Global Warming, & Personal Sovereignty.

If a lion is attacking you, do you need someone to tell you you have the "right" to run?

The whole idea of rights is predicated on the idea of personal sovereignty, manifest destiny, democracy, and an unholy mess of MiST-created memes meant to nudge us ever further out of what-we-know, and into a morass of empty theory and polemics.

Global warming isn't directly threatening either ourselves or our families. The only thing it is threatening, maybe, is civilization, and so what? Living in a stinky, polluted city is a real drag. But no one has to live there. It's a choice.

I live in a relative paradise, free of visible or smellable pollution, while still on the grid (I shop at a grocer's store, go to the sauna, and download movies on my PC), and on an income of around $500 a month. That's my reality. So from my POV, I know the environmental crisis is a scam. At least for today.

It's true that I think our current way of life is messed up, but I'm OK with it and I don't pretend to have any solutions. Nor do I think a solution is required. The urge to create "solutions" and improve upon the way things are is at the root of any and all problems you could care to name.

The real disease is personal sovereignty, and one of its leading symptoms is the desire to want to fix or change things.

The Universe is taking care of everything, and absolutely nothing happens that isn't a direct result of its mysterious movements.

All we get to do is look after our own: our bodies and those under our protection. It's not a right, either; it's a delight.

There's nothing else to this life, once we let go of our personal sovereignty (and the arrogance that thinks we have control over anything outside our own actions), besides that sheer delight of being.

The world may appear to be in a quandary; but that's only because the world (like our constructed identities) is a false edifice blocking the flow of being.

If a snake identified with the skin he was shedding, that snake would perceive itself to be in a quandary. But snakes are not that dumb.

The Universe is not in a quandary; how could it ever be? The idea's a joke.

Does anyone here really think that we-as-a-species are more responsible for global warming, or anything else, than the Universe?

We are just the fingers and farts of the Universe anyway. Anything we do, the Universe is doing through us. Might as well get used to it. Fun and frolics for the Universe is a living Hell for sovereign beings.


Zeke said...

Enjoying the new energy on your blogs Mr Kephas - excellent work...
Agree on Global Warming being a mislead debacle too. Actually, it's an instrument for economic regulation via carbon/energy tax and trading, but that's another story...

Tim said...

Agree with Mr Horsley and Mr Zeke - particularly GW being a front for more complex financial instruments.

However - I'm about to say something that isn't too popular amongst the APC:

If a forest fire was raging on account of being started by a lightning strike (natural, non-anthropocentric cause) would we
happily drop gasoline on the aforementioned fire simply because we did not start it?

This statement is not an endorsement for 'solutions' coming from the 'Powers that Be'. Just a way of going finer and revealing the double-binds and mind-f##k of our little civilization.

Jason Horsley said...

Thanks Zeke, Tim.

Fighting to contain a forest fire woud come under natural and immediate responses to our envinronment; humans are here for something, and stopping a forest fire isn't a "fixing" or even a doing: it's containing and opposing the forces of our existence, which seems to be an inherent part of our function.

It's the difference between intervening when some sorry creep tries to mess with your daughter, and heading an anti-pedophile lobby to purge your neighborhood of "evil."

spooky action said...

So where do you stand on the concept of giving to charity?

Scott Showers said...

Well put. There are so many people that realize what you have just written.

The key in my opinion is getting people involved and changing the tone of the conversation.

My focus is on helping small business owners do this.