Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Question That Thrives Us

This one from The Church of the Matrix was so silly I had to paste it here


"Is there a global conspiracy against the founders of the Matrix franchise? Some say that there exists a global conspiracy to topple the fan base of the Matrix films. Some say that the persona of Sofia Stewart (i.e. the Oracle) is a fictional fabrication of the federal government (i.e. Mr. Smith) to harness control over the Matrix fan base (i.e. rebel Zionists) and destroy the testimony of the Wachowski brothers (i.e. The Two Witnesses of Armageddon). According to the prophecy of Saint John's Revelations, two witnesses shall be sent by the Architect to preach the testimony of the Chosen One for three and one half earth years. At the end of that time, the Dragon shall devour the two witnesses of Armageddon. The Matrix was released in 1999 and Matrix Revolutions was released exactly three and one half years later in 2003. Now Mr. Smith (i.e. the Library of Congress, the FBI, and the California Supreme Court system) is about to destroy the two witnesses of Deus Ex Machina (i.e. the Wachowski Brothers). Since the Library of Congress is owned by Mr. Smith, we do not know whether the documents registered by Sofia Stewart are registered factual works of fiction or a fabricated delusion created by a global government conspiracy against the Wachowski brothers and the Matrix fan base. Therefore when the Wachowski brothers are stripped of their wealth and crucified before the masses by the governing global government like Jesus Christ was exactly 2005 years ago by Pontius Pilate, the question will inevitably be left in your hands to either see that the testimony of the Matrix trilogy whither away and die or be resurrected and immortalized in the light of the Matrix fan base that which is the body of the Chosen One (i.e. The Church of the Matrix)."

"The Church of the Matrix is neither for nor against Andy Wachowski and Larry Wachowski nor Sofia Stewart. The Church of the Matrix is founded on the principles of the search for the question. It is the question that thrives us. You know the question as well as we do. What is the Matrix? (i.e. What is Life, and why were we created?) Under these grounds we leave it up to you, Digital Soul Searcher, to ponder the relevance of the Matrix and The Third Eye. Be the first to read the complete version of The Third Eye by Sofia Stewart right here at www.churchofthematrix.org and decide for yourself. The choice as always is yours. We can only show you the door. You are the one that has to walk through it."

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Anonymous said...

These frigging loonies have got to equate all modern spirituality with outmoded outdated biblical text. Let that time of stupidness pass please.
How tiresome it is to see constant reference from beings who cant let go ,to the good book !
It has created nothing more than pain and missery , yet even some good spiritual authors have to keep dragging that bleak , boring and tired book up.Almost as if they are afraid we will not understand them or feel alienated if they dont mention a bilble quote here and there.