Tuesday, July 18, 2006

By the way, I am still seeking my lost book (MS), A Fool’s Journal, which I gave the nomme du guerre of by J.W. Horus. This was written in Morocco, during the period following my self/imposed exile (see Jake's Siddahtra complex, below), and recounts my adventures in desolation. The MS was abandoned into safe keeping with a mother named Helen and her several children, Christian et al, an English family living in Huelva, Spain, in the summer of 1992. They moved house a while later I was unable to track them down. 14 years later I am still hoping the book still exists, somewhere. Please contact me with any information on this book, or this family’s whereabouts! (Helen’s last name is not known to me, only that she was an English teacher, and a (then) single mother with several, now fully grown children.)



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