Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Secret Life of Movies, the book is out, after ten years sitting on my hard drives, as well as Homo Serpiens, about 8 years in the pipeline. Both books came out the same month, which is an old ambition of mine finally fulfilled: to have two books coming out the same time and double my chances of Being a Somebody. As you all know, by now I am more than a little ambivalent about the whole business of writing books. Maybe for children.

Wish I could encourage you all to buy the book but at $40, I can't blame anyone for giving it a miss. Still, I am pretty sure you'd enjoy it. It's easily the most thorough work I've written on movies. There's an e-book due out soon, and if I can get enough people interested, I will probably make an audio book.

So raise your hands anyone who'd like to buy an audio book, via the Net, for maybe $10? I'd say about 20 buyers would be enough to justify my time in doing it.

My, how the mighty have fallen.

All my time goes into SWEDA now, but maybe I'll start posting some of my personal journal stuff from there, here, just to keep this blog alive.

It's sort of confusing, not knowing who, or even where, my audience is anymore! Since I started doing SWEDA, it feels like my audience is getting smaller, not bigger. But also much closer! So that is probably the right way to be going.


Anonymous said...

Your audience is still here, lurking, observing silently.
It'd be great for you to post more info about what's going on inside that shrine of mystery, SWEDA...

Jason Horsley said...

you got it

Anonymous said...

Jake, you are Somebody, your work scares the bloody hell out of all the other 'artists', from writers to filmmakers that read it. It's that good.

I am seeing your British upbringing coming out lately because there is a marked British Romanticism here.
Aleister Crowley might have thought himself as a literary master, but your books certainly do go down better.
The living dream of cinema with a man of knowledge, a sorcerer opening the way for the coming apocalypse.
So the British Romantics Shelley, Coleridge, Blake, Byron and Keats, have nothing on you. Maybe it's the melancholy, the ambivalence you speak of.
People fear the magician, writing books for 'children', may work, certainly it did not hurt Clive Barkers pocketbook. Perhaps graphic novels, and comic books also. Yours is a singular vision, Cronenberg's television as the retina of the mind's eye is a pretty good description of reading your work. Alan Moore became a force in comics, before he crossed over into magick. An original Jake Horsley graphic novel may be another project, the hidden fans are waiting for. Hollywood seems to raid almost any new 'original' work for movies. Even Whitley Strieber has a graphic novel.
The audience is still here, just a shade frightened of your power.

Jason Horsley said...

hi anonymous ~ that's a curious comment: "frightened of my power"? What do they think that my power is going to do, turn them into toadstools?

I don't really "have" any power; maybe something moves through me, sometimes, or through the space I've cleared for it; but that's not the sort of power that is going to harm anyone, or even "do" anything at all. There is more "power" in a single flower.

Thanks for the praise anyway; couple years ago I'd have wanted you for my Best Friend!

I have thought of a graphic novel; would need an artist to do it. Any volunteers, let me know.

As for this invisible audience, all I see is one anonymouse. Are my invisible fans scared of slapping down $10 for an audio book too?

: D

Anonymous said...

Well a bit of your 'power' just showed itself, as the 'word' verification for this 'blog' is my -is my real name, strange, or just coincidence, but then again magicians don't believe in coincidence.

Since you are using the fool card, and mention more power in a flower, well the fool does carry a flower.
Anyone capable of reading dreams, tarot cards and entering altered dimensions of reality is not someone to take lightly.

The fool card is ruled by Air, and is the 'wind' or spirit of chaos. Uranus the astrological association is original, inventive and lawless. Taking risks is what you are about.

Artists make their own luck, so you have to do a ritual to meet the right one. Right now your 'work' is like a force of nature, a comet nearing the 'sun' explodes with light and energy or if it strikes the earth, takes out all of civilization.

It's good to see the books are in print, they often have a life of their own. I plan to purchase them. Audio books work, so do meditation cd's and maybe something along the lines all these 'secret' documentary's on mysteries, secrets and magick.

I think the audience is there just the 'artists' tend to be broke a lot, and purchase what they can when the gold comes their way.

Jason Horsley said...

blercuto, is that you?

perhaps that little magik sync was an invitation for you to cease posting anonymously?

Anonymous said...

As the Moerae, the Fates would have it your books come out at a good time.
C. G. Jung's, The Red Book, has been released in the same time frame. Jung called it a "confrontation with the unconscious".
As Anonymous said...

"Your audience is still here, lurking, observing silently."

This is a good description of the audience you attract.
I had a rather unusual conversation with a member of a fraternal organization involving your work.
Over drinks at a friend's dinner party, whose address was 999, leading to some talk of 'getting' mail addressed to 666.
The mailman thought that was a good joke, friends mistakenly writing 666, instead of 999.
So the talk went into the usual esoteric and occult subjects people in society only do after drinks are flowing and candles are lit. Anyhow this member of a fraternal order, a brother unknown to myself or our host, brought up the usual subjects of number systems, dreams, Jung, & ritual magick.
I've been warned on numerous occasions not to scare the guests with psychic paranormal chatter, my tarot cards seized on arrival. Now here was a very successful mysterious gentleman carrying on a good topic of working occultism. I brought up Jason Horsley Matrix Warrior, and Aeolus Kephas the Lucid View, not only had the man read the books, but, said the Esoteric library in the lodge stocks those titles.
hmm, Jake, Being Somebody? An Illuminated brother has not only heard of your work, but regarded it as exceptional. An easy way to check the validity of anyone who is of interest to groups with secrets is to check on local library holdings. Books that interest us, are stocked by Public Library's just like the ancient Library's in Alexandria.

Jason Horsley said...

well anon, i don't know about Illuminate's bookshelves but most libraries i've checked haven't carried the books. I even tried to donate a Matrix Warrior to Hampstead library and they didn't want it!

And we all know what became of Alexandria library.

Posterity is not something that has ever intersted me, since the idea of a civilzation living on after I've gone has always been a very unpleasant possibility to consider!

Anonymous said...

I'd believe it, the first time i ran into Matrix Warrior was the film section of a Public Library.
Since then i found my own hard cover addition. So i guess some librarians have better sense of what is valid than others.
Running into Lucid View I was browsing through the occult section of a major retailer. It was one of those books that seizes the mind and does not let go until it is absorbed.
So now i've got a few more books to pick up to complete the Jake Horsley film, occult library.