Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Seeking Goodness


CCC said...

Random Logic said...

Does this mean that in seeking goodness (seeiing perfection) outside we are bound to destroy our illusions ('faeryland') or does it mean that in demanding goodness from other people we turn our vigilant gaze from ourselves, thus letting the rot set in deeper 'at home'? Or that the only place to go 'hunting for dreams' is your own heart?


I like you doodles. I doodle quite a bit myself, but, as mine tend to be on the more 'crazy' side I hesitate to share them with the rest of the world. I may know I'm mad, but don't feel like disclosing it just yet. :D

Keep doodling and writing - it's nice to see someone who is just a little more human than the thousand plastic 'fronts' and 'masks' that pass before our eyes in place of real human contact.



Jason Kephas said...

thx RL; it means something like the latter; seeking goodness outside ourselves is i think essentially vampiric. the source of all goodness is truth, and truth is within us, the deepest, tiniest part of us. the more we seek it outside us, then, the further we get from that innermost knowing. And then, when we fail to find it externally, the things we have tried to pull goodness out of (never suspecting that the goodness was within us, projected outward onto these things), the more we squeeze and suck the life out of them: just like vampires.

Anonymous said...

Devastating quote.
No explanation necessary.
Thank you.