Saturday, May 15, 2010

Some of you guys still think I'm a Somebody in this Town!?

Only four copies been sold so far.

All copies are signed and come with a free JK DNA sample.

SWEDA Mythic Narrative Series, No.1

Order it today at over here

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Anonymous said...

i heard you broadcast about a copy making it to England unusually quickly. It brought to mind Aleister Crowley one day doing a ritual about a 'debt', and needing it repaid. On completion of the sorcery, the doorbell rang. The Great Beast answered to receive a letter. The letter was from the individual the magician had just faced the universe for. The dilemna for Crowley was this, -the letter had to be in the mail for weeks before it got to his attention. Either magick was more powerful -shifting time or space, or the master had a 'premonition' of getting his 'letter' and then went to the 'trouble' of 'wrongly' working an act. Regardless he got what he wanted. So a copy of your book ending up in England in an unbelievable time -could be magic(k)? Coincidence of getting into a faster 'mail' system, or some intelligence agency is watching you, and -having a ball not only reading your mail, but forwarding it fast...:)